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Extend Zero Trust Security to data on the endpoint

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SecureCircle automatically revokes access to secured data based on CrowdStrike's Zero Trust Assessments (ZTA).

SecureCircle delivers a SaaS-based cybersecurity service that extends Zero Trust security to data on the endpoint. Data on the end user systems are protected by default, so there is no need to rely on complex measures to block exfiltration. SecureCircle leverages patented transparent encryption to keep data protected, monitored, and easy to revoke. Customers can continually monitor the movement of data through their end users' systems and at any time respond by revoking access to the data at the user, device or even process level. By installing SecureCircle, customers gain immediate protection against modern data breach threats such as accidental dissemination, lost or stolen devices, internal bad actors, and ransomware exfiltration. SecureCircle automatically revokes access to secured data based on CrowdStrike Falcon Zero Trust Assessments (ZTA).
    Zero Trust Data Security for SaaS Applications
    Most modern SaaS applications allow end users to pull data out of the browser onto the device. More often than not, end users leverage these features for productive reasons. The challenge most businesses face with modern SaaS applications is identifying the difference between productive activity and a security threat. With SecureCircle, all data is kept secure as it comes out of SaaS applications, which allows users to leverage data that comes out of these applications, at the same time allowing businesses to retain control of their data.
    Source Code Protection
    Development teams who deploy SecureCircle to protect source code are able to keep the source code secure as it leaves code repositories and is pulled onto developer endpoints. The code is kept transparently encrypted on the device even while it is in-use by sanctioned IDEs and compilers. SecureCircle provides protection against insider threats, without impacting development teams and their tools.
    Protection for User Generated IP
    Many of our customers tell us that intellectual property is generated on the endpoint. Content such as architectural designs, engineering drawings, and video content are all generated on endpoints and are of high value to the companies that produce them. As SecureCircle is completely agnostic to file type, data size, or application, our customers often use our solution to protect data as it is generated on user endpoints.