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Cribl Stream for Falcon Data Replicator


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Take control and shape your data

Cribl Stream is a vendor-agnostic pipeline that collects, enriches, normalizes, and routes data from any source to any destination. Leveraging CrowdStrike Falcon® Data Replicator (FDR) data, Stream enhances your team’s control and visibility over your data pipeline. It optimizes FDR data, customizes filtering and timestamp extraction, facilitating versatile and simplified data processing.

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    Collect from any data source

    Use Stream as a universal receiver to get multiple data formats into your analytics tools

  2. 02

    Reduce log volumes

    Optimize FDR data, reduce infrastructure budget and improve performance of analytical tools

  3. 03

    Shape all the data you need

    Enrich or mask FDR data in-flight to improve visibility and minimize overhead in real-time

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    Route data to the best tool for the job

    Translate and format data into any tooling schema you need without having to deploy new agents or forwarders

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