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Netskope Data Connector


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Detect elusive threats with unified SSE data in Falcon Insight XDR

Make security easier by bringing together your data from endpoints and Security Service Edge (SSE). With CrowdStrike Falcon Insight XDR, you can easily combine Netskope SSE and Secure Web Gateway (SWG) data in one place. This way, you see threats from different areas all together, helping your team find and handle problems faster and more accurately.

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    Enable faster cross-domain threat detection

    Get extended visibility across SSE and endpoint threat vectors with Netskope SSE threat indicators within Falcon Insight XDR, improving accuracy and speeding up detection of modern threats

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    Stop targeted web-based threats

    Leverage Netskope SSE’s visibility and intelligence surrounding web, cloud services, and private application threats with your existing CrowdStrike security data to gain multi-layered threat protection for applications, data, tools and other corporate resources

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    Unify threat visibility in a single console

    Save your analysts valuable time when investigating and triaging potential threats by minimizing context switching and accelerating threat detection through CrowdStrike’s unified, threat-centric command console

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