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Zscaler Internet Access™ Response Actions for Falcon Insight XDR

Built by Zscaler

Take response actions swiftly with Zscaler Internet Access via Falcon Insight XDR

Streamline cross-domain response actions for faster and more precise incident handling using CrowdStrike Falcon Insight XDR and Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA™). This integration enables automated responses, including user access restrictions through Zscaler Browser Isolation, effectively mitigating advanced threats.

  1. 01

    Enable faster cross-domain response

    Easily trigger direct response actions in ZIA based on threat detections or suspicious activity found within Falcon Insight XDR to extend and speed up response

  2. 02

    Control access to critical information

    Enable Falcon Fusion workflows to request that ZIA change user group membership to limit or isolate users, allowing you to control your data and prevent breaches

  3. 03

    Unify actions in a single console

    Automate manual tasks across consoles, minimize context switching, and accelerate response with CrowdStrike’s unified, threat-centric command console

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