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Zscaler Private Access™ for Falcon LogScale


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Zscaler Private Access package

Integrate ZPA™ logs seamlessly into CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale to enhance Zero Trust network access (ZTNA) insights, improving threat detection and response. Leveraging Zscaler’s Log Streaming Service (LSS), this integration provides real-time log streaming, correlation, and actionable insights for your team within Falcon LogScale.

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    Adaptive ZTA to private apps based on device health

    Provides the ability to assess device health and automatically implement appropriate access policies

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    Enhanced understanding of device posture

    This allows ZPA to auto-update policies, and decide whether to allow access to a private app, allow access only in browser isolation mode, or block the device from access

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    Visualize your ZPA data

    Unify visibility and easily monitor ZPA log activity with the ZPA user activity dashboard

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