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Concentric Semantic Intelligence

Concentric AI

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About Concentric AI

With Concentric AI, organizations can address their unmet data security needs by discovering and protecting business-critical content. Concentric AI works with CrowdStrike to protect intellectual property, financial data, PII/PCI content, customer data, business confidential content and more, across on-premises and cloud-based data stores, as well as messaging and communication applications.

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    Data Security Posture Management

    Easily identify and gain context around business and privacy–sensitive content without rules or policies.

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    Data categorization and classification

    Automatically discover and categorize all your data for streamlined visibility.

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    Data access governance

    Know where your business-critical content is, who has access to it, and whether it has been shared or accessed inappropriately to prevent breaches.

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    Data loss prevention

    Remediate at-risk data by fixing permissions, changing entitlements, disabling access, applying correct classification or moving data to the right location.

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