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Corelight Network Security for Falcon LogScale


Unlock network security insights with the Corelight package

Enhance your network security with Corelight sensors and open-source Zeek data through user-friendly dashboards on CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale. Swiftly search, analyze, and visualize your security data alongside other sources, and strengthen your threat detection and response through seamless integration.

  1. 01

    Visualize your data

    Gain rich insights and report on your Corelight network security data with pre-built and customizable dashboards in Falcon LogScale

  2. 02

    Find answers with speed

    Leverage data exploration queries and intelligence views for Corelight data in Falcon LogScale to get the right information you need quickly

  3. 03

    Accelerate threat detection and response

    Correlate threat intelligence from Corelight with additional security data within Falcon LogScale to improve the speed and accuracy of threat detection and response

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