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Corelight Sample Data for Falcon LogScale


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Experience layered insight with Corelight and CrowdStrike

Uncover the power of combined visibility and get a clear picture of your network and data sources. Quickly create queries and dashboards, and simplify log management and analysis using a sample repository of Corelight-derived insights in CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale.

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    Instant value, real-world data

    Explore real-world data featuring diverse sample event types, showcasing the Corelight data set's potential

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    Quick learning, big insights

    Master event storage, analysis, and visualization with Corelight network data in Falcon LogScale. Extract security insights, analyze events, and generate actionable threat details

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    Swift answers at your fingertips

    Easily identify related session data, threat indicators, and request-response packet details to address IT and security inquiries for quick issue resolution

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