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Acalvio Honeytokens for Falcon Identity Protection

Acalvio Technologies

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Honeytoken accounts and Honeytokens for Falcon Identity Protection

With CrowdStrike and Acalvio, your team is empowered with effective identity and deception technology for expanded visibility over malicious identity-based activity occurring across managed and unmanaged devices to prevent advanced attacks and safeguard your critical data. Acalvio ShadowPlex combines Deception Technology expertise with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform’s leading identity protection capabilities to uncover hidden threats and combat identity-based attacks.

Acalvio’s platform deploys deceptive honeytokens on your endpoints and cloud workloads, and honeytoken accounts in Active Directory (AD), to lure and expose malicious actors hidden in your environment.  Acalvio’s integration with the CrowdStrike Falcon platform’s identity protection capabilities enables security teams to receive alerts on access and/or use of these honeytoken accounts within the Falcon console, delivering unified visibility and enhanced threat detection across unmanaged or managed devices.  Administrators can swiftly detect threats, implement policy-based response and containment, as well as notify their security team for additional response.

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    Lure and detect hidden attackers

    Gain access to Acalvio’s fully automated, robust platform for operationalizing honeytoken accounts that extends to managed Falcon endpoints, including deployment and refresh lifecycles.

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    Optimize your honeytoken implementation

    Leverage Acalvio’s advanced AI-based recommendation engine for honeytoken accounts to ensure you’re placing the right traps for bad actors.

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    Seamlessly integrate with the Falcon platform

    Easily integrate with Falcon identity protection capabilities for unified visibility to quickly detect and respond to identity-based attacks – with no additional software to install on enterprise networks.

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    Get comprehensive control

    Improve control with details on types and counts of honeytoken accounts being created across managed and unmanaged endpoints.

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