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AWS CloudTrail for Falcon LogScale

Amazon Web Services

About AWS CloudTrail for Falcon LogScale

Easily ingest, store, and visualize AWS CloudTrail JSON logs from S3 in CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale  to gain valuable user activity and API usage insights. Leverage this pre-built package to improve your security posture and meet compliance standards with enhanced visibility, advanced analysis, data parsing, and dashboard visualizations for AWS CloudTrail JSON events ingested from  the relevant S3 buckets.

  1. 01

    Get visibility over CloudTrail log data

    Easily store and parse AWS CloudTrail log data with lightning-fast searching from Falcon LogScale.

  2. 02

    Visualize your data

    Leverage a single dashboard view of critical CloudTrail information to protect your organization and better meet compliance standards.

  3. 03

    Monitor events, users, IPs and event activity

    Continuously monitor user activity and API usage with parsers to quickly query and identify key data points which can then be displayed via intuitive dashboards.

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