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Corelight Sensor for Falcon LogScale


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Disrupt future attacks with network evidence

Corelight’s network detection and response (NDR) sensors offer valuable insights into various network protocols and fields, and provide evidence of attacks and threat paths. Combined with CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale you can visualize, analyze, and correlate data within your environment to unify visibility and improve retroactive threat hunting for elusive threats.

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    Improve network visibility

    Corelight NDR sensors closely monitor your network traffic, giving you clear insights into your network activity

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    Accelerate detection and response

    Enable analytics for Corelight sensor data in Falcon LogScale to improve threat intelligence with alerting and automation to accelerate investigation and response

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    Fill knowledge gaps

    Store and analyze Corelight NDR sensor data in Falcon LogScale, which covers thirty-five protocols and hundreds of log fields, to get comprehensive network insights that help eliminate blind spots

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