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Zeek for Falcon LogScale


Gain comprehensive visibility

Zeek, Corelight, and CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale integrate to make observability accessible. Seamlessly ingest Zeek network security monitoring data in Falcon LogScale to analyze, visualize, and correlate network insights with other data sources within your environment. Leverage pre-built dashboards of Zeek data for insights into network security and related workflows,  improving visibility and threat hunting.

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    Improve visibility

    Get unified network security insights by seamlessly ingesting and parsing Zeek data in Falcon LogScale.

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    Access pre-built dashboards

    Explore your network data and security workflows through pre-built and customizable dashboards.

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    Boost threat hunting

    Find elusive threats by logging all of your Zeek network data in Falcon LogScale’s centralized storage platform for improved retroactive threat hunting.

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