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ExtraHop Data Ingestion for Falcon Insight XDR

Built by ExtraHop

Detect elusive threats with unified network security data

Ingest ExtraHop network detection and response (NDR) data into CrowdStrike Falcon® Insight XDR to unify security data from endpoint and network domains. View ExtraHop NDR events within the Falcon console alongside other threat indicators for comprehensive cross-domain threat visibility. This accelerates detection, triage, and enhances accuracy in threat hunting.

  1. 01

    Improve cross-domain threat detection

    Accelerate detection of modern threats with ExtraHop network-based threat indicators layered with security data from Falcon Insight XDR

  2. 02

    Unify threat visibility in a single console

    Save your analysts valuable time when investigating and triaging potential threats by minimizing context switching through CrowdStrike’s unified, threat-centric command console

  3. 03

    Simplify data ingestion

    Easily ingest ExtraHop and third party data with the new Falcon Data Connectors user interface. Get full visibility into your data ingestion pipeline and see all connectors with their corresponding status

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