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Hunters SOC Platform


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Empower your SOC

Hunters SOC Platform can replace your SIEM by delivering data ingestion, built-in and always up-to-date threat detection, and automated correlation and investigation to reduce risk, cost and complexity for SOC teams. Connect Hunters’s unique detection capabilities with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform’s rich security data, such as running processes, network connections and file creations, and other data sources to attain full attack insight for faster response times.

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    Detect logins to cloud applications

    Analyze logins from a malicious IP address with SaaS application login logs to detect attacks on cloud applications

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    See full attack stories

    Combine alerts on the same attack from different security tools for a full attack story without pivoting between tools

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    Identify unmanaged devices

    Correlate CrowdStrike insights with SaaS and identity provider logs to identify devices without an Falcon agent installed

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