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SecurityCoach, a KnowBe4 Product


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About SecurityCoach and CrowdStrike

SecurityCoach is the first real-time security coaching product created to help IT and Security Operations teams further protect your organization’s largest attack surface — your employees. SecurityCoach is natively integrated with KnowBe4’s new-school security awareness training platform to simplify management and improve your security posture seamlessly. SecurityCoach integrates with your existing security stack, including the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform, to deliver real-time coaching in response to risky end-user security behavior. The KnowBe4 integration with the Falcon platform helps reduce high risk behavior by leveraging CrowdStrike’s security telemetry to analyze security incidents, which trigger real-time security training from KnowBe4.

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    Deliver real-time coaching

    Leverage the CrowdStrike Falcon platform security data to trigger the delivery of real-time coaching via SecurityCoach to your risky users, and gain additional value from your existing investments.

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    Protect high-risk users

    Build campaigns for high-risk users or roles that are considered a valuable target for cybercriminals.

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    Measure effectiveness

    Track and report on improved real-world security behavior across your organization, providing justification for continued investment.

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    Improve SOC efficacy

    Reduce the burden on your SOC through automation by decreasing alert noise caused by repetitive risky security behaviors.

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