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ServiceNow CMDB Ingest for Falcon Discover


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Gain an added layer of enhanced visibility

Amid rapid acceleration of digital transformations, the risk exposure has grown, and CrowdStrike Falcon Discover with Asset Graph aids in accurately identifying assets across systems to enhance visibility for secure operations. By integrating ServiceNow data into Falcon Discover, you gain enriched context, enabling a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s security posture and transforming how security hygiene is enforced.

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    Unify asset management

    Create a single, unified view of all of your managed devices, assets and their relationships with context enrichment from ServiceNow

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    Fortify your security posture

    Seamlessly discover which assets do not have an agent or are unsupported by cross correlating ServiceNow inventory with data from CrowdStrike. You can also easily reconcile by identifying devices not listed in the ServiceNow inventory

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    Filter and create dashboards

    Gain an additional layer of device attribute granularity by filtering data across various widgets and dashboards

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    Reduce time to remediate

    Expedite response and remediation by combining ServiceNow insights in the Falcon console to see additional device attributes such as location, owner, email or support by team

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