Corelight Sensor for Falcon LogScale

by Corelight

Gain insights from Corelight NDR sensors

Disrupt future attacks with network evidence

The Corelight network detection and response (NDR) sensors – physical and software-based – provide valuable information across a wide range of network protocols and fields to provide you with evidence of attacks and threat vectors. Seamlessly ingest Corelight NDR sensor data within CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale to analyze, visualize, and correlate your network security data with other data sources within your environment to unify visibility and improve retroactive threat hunting for elusive threats.

  • Improve network visibility

    Gain detailed insights into what is happening in your network, including physical device or software-based monitoring of network traffic with Corelight NDR sensor data

  • Speed up detection and response

    Enable analytics for Corelight sensor data in Falcon LogScale to improve threat intelligence with alerting and automation to accelerate investigation and response

  • Eliminate blind spots

    Get detailed network insights by storing and analyzing Corelight NDR sensor data in Falcon LogScale with thirty-five different protocols and hundreds of different log fields

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