by Zscaler

End-to-end protection from device to application secures work beyond the perimeter

End-to-end security with CrowdStrike and Zscaler

Together, CrowdStrike® and Zscaler deliver secure access to applications by providing conditional access based on the user’s identity, location and the posture of the device being used while also ensuring that zero-day threats are identified, analyzed and remediated quickly.

  • Adaptive Zero Trust access to private apps based on device health

    The CrowdStrike Falcon® and Zscaler Private Access integration provides the ability to assess device health and automatically implement appropriate access control and ensure only compliant devices and authenticated users can access authorized private applications.

  • Zero-day detection and remediation

    Zscaler Cloud Sandbox identifies zero-day threats, correlates with CrowdStrike endpoint telemetry to identify impacted devices, and rapidly respond with a cross-platform quarantine workflow.

    • End-to-end visibility and rapid response Comprehensive visibility from the network and endpoint platforms provides a complete view of the threat landscape. Automatic cross-platform correlation and workflow makes investigation and response faster.

    • Reduced risk The correlation automatically identifies infected endpoints within the environment and facilitates a one-click trigger to the Falcon platform for rapid quarantine action. Administrators can pivot from the Zscaler Insight Log to the Falcon console with automatically populated data for endpoint investigation.

  • Augmenting inline threat blocking by intel sharing

    Zscaler performs inline blocking of malicious websites before they reach endpoint, even for BYOD or unmanaged devices by leveraging customer-specific threat intelligence shared from CrowdStrike.Increased Visibility and Automation: Custom block list are updated automatically, increasing cross-platform visibility and defensive capability without complexityProactive Threat Prevention:Threat vectors are proactively identified and blocked, preventing impact on endpoints

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