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Siemplify Security Orchestrations, Automation & Response

by Siemplify

Automate data collection to speed up investigation and orchestrate response across all endpoints – within one interface.

Automate the detection and response of malicious events on the endpoint

Siemplify Security Orchestrations, Automation & Response is an intuitive, holistic workbench that makes your security operations smarter, more efficient and more effective. By combining security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) with context-driven case management, investigation, and machine learning, your analysts are more productive, security engineers are more effective, and managers are more informed about SOC performance.

  • Slash investigation time and effort

    Execute playbooks that automate data collection using CrowdStrike Falcon® telemetry to limit the amount of time spent manually cross-referencing information.

  • Remediate threats with a few clicks

    Implement immediate remediation actions without having to pivot between systems.

  • Unify case management

    Ingest CrowdStrike® alerts directly into the Siemplify platform to automatically group related alerts into threat-centric cases to expedite threat response.

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