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Falcon Identity Threat Protection

by CrowdStrike

Frictionless security for workforce identities everywhere

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  • Falcon bundles require a minimum order of 5 endpoints

Multi-directory identity protection across on-premises and clouds

CrowdStrike Falcon® Identity Threat Protection enables frictionless security with real-time threat prevention and IT policy enforcement using identity, behavioral and risk analytics. Falcon Identity Threat Protection supports Microsoft Active Directory and Azure Active Directory, and integrates with SSO and federation solutions, including Okta.

  • Automatically segment every identity

    Gain granular and continuous insights into every account and activity to highlight identity security gaps across multiple identity stores. Better evaluate identities and the risks associated with them with continuous multi-directory visibility, auto-classification of all accounts, and AD security posture overview.

  • Improve the mean time to detect and respond to threats

    Enable real-time identity threat detection and protection without time-consuming log processing. Eliminate risky guesswork with intuitive threat hunting and prioritize authentication tasks based on 100+ behavior analytics and risk factors for every account.

  • Enable frictionless identity verification and policy enforcement

    Define and enforce access policies--ensure consistent login experience for genuine users, but automatically step up authentication when risk scores increase. Improve security posture by extending identity verification/MFA to any resource or application.

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