Falcon Forensics

by CrowdStrike

Streamlining triage data collection and analysis

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  • This product requires a Falcon bundle

  • Falcon bundles require a minimum order of 5 endpoints

Gain robust analysis of point-in-time and historic forensic triage data

With CrowdStrike Falcon® Forensics, responders are able to streamline the collection of point-in-time and historic forensic triage data for robust analysis. The advanced capabilities enable teams to conduct compromise assessments, incident response, enterprise data triage, and even asset assessments for merger and acquisition onboarding.

  • Improve efficacy and time-to-respond

    Zero in on attacker activity with live and historical deep-level triage data, through intuitive preset dashboards. The easy-to-consume, captured data is automatically enriched and correlated with collected artifacts, providing critical time-savings for contextual incident analysis.

  • Reduce workflow complexity

    Easily deploy at scale, from individual workstations to enterprise-wide - all with a dissolvable executable leaving minimal trace on the endpoint. Tap into full threat context without lengthy queries or disparate tools, reducing time needed to detect potential malicious activity, all from a single solution.

  • Augment skills and expertise

    Enable robust analysis with forensic investigation and response capabilities developed by CrowdStrike’s own IR team. Enhance a mature security posture through proactive compromise assessments, allowing teams to have a better understanding of their estate, and to periodically answer the fundamental question “Am I compromised?”

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