Falcon FileVantage

by CrowdStrike

File integrity monitoring that boosts compliance and offers relevant contextual data

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  • This product requires a Falcon bundle

  • Falcon bundles require a minimum order of 5 endpoints

Gain central visibility in one streamlined solution

CrowdStrike Falcon® FileVantage is CrowdStrike’s file integrity monitoring solution that streamlines your security operations. It simplifies your security stack, provides real-time insight for file, folder and registry changes, while offering valuable contextual data around detections. Your SecOps team can consolidate large solution stacks with one streamlined product - offering summary and detailed dashboard views to quickly identify any changes occurring with valuable files and systems within the organization. With custom and preset policies and group features, alert fatigue is a thing of the past. FileVantage provides your SecOps staff the ability to zero in on real-time changes and connect with other modules via the Falcon platform to stop incidents in their tracks.

  • Central visibility

    Brings transparency to all critical file changes

  • Insight from threat intelligence context

    Allows for even greater visibility and context through added threat intelligence and detection data via the Falcon console

  • Increased efficiency

    Enables security teams to quickly identify which files are relevant for monitoring

  • Solution consolidation

    Relies on CrowdStrike’s single lightweight agent to provide continuous data without the need for multiple tools

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