MixMode Attack Detection Platform

by MixMode

Third Wave AI for real-time, precision threat detection at scale

The Cybersecurity Intelligence Layer℠ for the modern enterprise

MixMode is a next-gen threat detection and security analytics platform, serving enterprises with big data environments. MixMode delivers a patented, self-learning platform that acts as the Cybersecurity Intelligence Layer℠ to detect both known and unknown attacks, including novel attacks designed to bypass legacy cyber defenses. This is accomplished in real-time, across any cloud or on-premise data stream. MixMode integrates with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform by seamlessly ingesting and correlating Falcon security data with your other data sources, providing your team with full visibility of your environment for enhanced detection of novel threats. If MixMode detects a threat associated with an endpoint in your environment, your team can implement a Falcon response action, containing the endpoint to prevent any additional damage.  

  • Speed Get real-time detection and analytics with immediate deployment and actionable results to detect both known and novel attacks - all without requiring rules or historical training data

  • Scale Benefit from MixMode’s ability to scale to enterprise volumes (e.g. hundreds of billions of records per month) without a heavy lift in compute, supporting cloud, on-prem, and OT, for comprehensive visibility leveraging third wave AI

  • Efficiency Light weight, efficient AI deployed in under an hour delivers immediate results with precise alerts to minimize noise, reduce storage, and cut FTE costs. There’s no need to write, tune or maintain complex rules

  • ROI Protect more while spending less. Achieve more effective, real-time attack behavior detection while lowering total cost of cybersecurity stack ownership

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