InfoSec Global AgileSec™ Analytics

by InfoSec Global

Comprehensive cryptographic asset discovery and management

About AgileSec Analytics

InfoSec Global’s AgileSec™ Analytics discovers, inventories and analyzes all cryptographic assets in an organization's technology estate and streamlines the replacement and remediation of any unauthorized, weak or compromised assets. AgileSec™ Analytics integrates with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform and leverages Falcon real-time response (RTR) to discover and retrieve cryptographic findings surrounding hosts that are running the Falcon agent within your environment. With this cryptographic device context, AgileSec Analytics can identify cryptography that poses a potential risk and enables the replacement of those assets without any business disruption. With rich dashboards and customizable reports, AgileSec Analytics visualizes key metrics for cryptography security and compliance.

  • Complete visibility Continuously scan and inventory cryptographic assets on hosts that are running the Falcon agent to minimize visibility gaps across your dispersed environment, preventing potential threat or compromise

  • Rapid remediation Replace compromised, unauthorized and out-of-compliance cryptographic assets across your devices - all without disrupting operations

  • Continuous compliance Leverage rich dashboards and customizable reports to visualize key metrics and risks, helping ensure cryptography security and compliance

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