AWS Control Tower

by Amazon Web Services

Set up and govern a secure, multi-account AWS environment

Simplify AWS experiences by orchestrating multiple AWS services on your behalf while maintaining the security and compliance needs of your organization.

AWS Control Tower provides organizations with multiple accounts and teams the easiest way to set up their new multi-account AWS environment and govern at scale. CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security seamlessly integrates with AWS Control Tower via API, delivering comprehensive protection and visibility across all Amazon EC2 resources. This rich AWS context helps customers quickly create ready to move-in cloud environments with security deployments automated from the beginning. 

  • Quickly deploy applications Set up and govern AWS multi-account environments so that you can quickly, easily, and securely deploy applications

  • Provision compliant AWS accounts Automate provisioning for AWS accounts, preconfigured to meet your business, security, and compliance requirements

  • Increase agility without compromising security Govern new or existing account configurations, gain visibility into compliance status, and enforce controls, at scale

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