Akamai Enterprise Application Access

by Akamai

Application access redefined: secure, simple, fast

Enhanced Zero Trust network access

Akamai’s partnership and integration with CrowdStrike enables Akamai Enterprise Application Access to independently verify that the CrowdStrike Falcon® sensor is properly installed and fully operational on a device. This risk assessment information enriches existing context and delivers more intelligence for enhanced secure access to corporate applications.

  • Simplify deployment and management

    Akamai’s edge platform and CrowdStrike Falcon are cloud-based, making them easier to scale, manage and maintain with minimum downtime.

  • Strengthen zero trust network access

    Akamai's application access solution enables comprehensive visibility into all endpoint events and grants application access based on security posture and events telemetry.

  • Improve detection and response

    Applying CrowdStrike threat intelligence to Akamai’s policy enforcement point enables faster time-to-detection and better decision-making for secure application access in real time.

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