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What is a context enrichment app?

Context enrichment apps are threat intelligence solutions provided by validated third-party partners that allow you to leverage different sources of threat intel within the Falcon platform. The data from these apps provide additional context surrounding IPs, domains and hashes to enrich CrowdStrike data, and users can pivot to other consoles for deeper threat analysis. Context enrichment apps may require Falcon Prevent, Falcon Insight or CROWDSTRIKE FALCON® INTELLIGENCE™ automated threat intelligence.

What is a plugin?

CrowdStrike’s Notification Workflows are delivered via plugins. You can gain customizable real-time notifications to improve efficiency and speed of response when new threats are detected, incidents are discovered or policies are modified. Notification Workflows are provided at no additional cost to CrowdStrike customers with subscriptions to Falcon Prevent or Falcon Insight™ endpoint detection and response.

What is a partner integration?

The CrowdStrike Store houses informational content about CrowdStrike’s API-led integrations with technology partners. These integrations do not offer or provision immediate free trials from the CrowdStrike Store interface. Organizations can easily get additional integration and solution details and request a proof of concept (POC) from the integration listing page or contact us for more details.

What is a partner app?

The CrowdStrike Store features third-party apps created by validated partners to extend the Falcon platform by leveraging CrowdStrike’s Security Cloud. These apps can be tried and initiated from the CrowdStrike Store within the Falcon platform if you are a CrowdStrike customer, delivering faster time-to-value.

What is a CrowdStrike app?

The CrowdStrike Store supports CrowdStrike Falcon apps including those available for a 15-day free trial and informational-only listings. These apps are Falcon modules such as Falcon Prevent™ next-generation antivirus, Falcon Spotlight™ vulnerability management, and Falcon Horizon™ cloud security posture management, plus many more that span a wide array of use cases and help you effectively stop breaches.