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If I am a customer of the partner, can I initiate a trial?

You must be a CrowdStrike customer to initiate trials on the apps available in the CrowdStrike Store. Contact the CrowdStrike Store team or your partner sales representative to request a trial of the app integration with CrowdStrike. If you are selecting an integration, you can bring your own license and fill out the form to contact the CrowdStrike Store sales team.

If I am CrowdStrike customer, what are the requirements to initiate a free trial for an app?

If you are a Falcon admin, log in to the Falcon portal by clicking on the “Try It Now” button on the product’s listing page. Once in Falcon, select "Try It Free", review and accept the terms and conditions, and begin the trial. A CrowdStrike representative will be in touch within 48 hours to support your request. If you are not a Falcon admin, please contact your organization’s admin and request that they begin a trial. For more information and support, contact the CrowdStrike Store sales team.

Where do I find my currently subscribed apps on the CrowdStrike Store?

To view which apps you currently have in trial or licensed, log in to the Falcon management portal and select CrowdStrike Store from the navigation. When scrolling through the apps, you will see a green “Trial in progress” flag or an “Active” flag beside the app name to identify which apps you have in trial or licensed.