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I am a customer or interested in becoming one. How does the CrowdStrike Store help me?

The CrowdStrike Store provides you with rich content and a wide range of resources readily available so you can spend less time searching. You can initiate trials to effectively understand how the technologies work together and see faster time-to-value. With CrowdStrike’s broad ecosystem of integrations, you can gain interoperable tools to build a comprehensive IT stack. Learn more about the CrowdStrike Store and CrowdStrike’s ecosystem by contacting the CrowdStrike Store team.

What does the CrowdStrike Store consist of?

The CrowdStrike Store helps you discover curated apps and solutions to meet your organization’s unique needs, and implement the best solution for your security challenges faster and with higher efficacy. The CrowdStrike Store supports CrowdStrike modules, plugins, third-party apps and technology integration partners.

What is the CrowdStrike Store?

The CrowdStrike Store is a unique cybersecurity ecosystem that helps you simplify your security stack and protect your entire organization from modern adversaries with unified, trusted security solutions to solve real-world security and IT challenges. The CrowdStrike Store is built on the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform, a cloud-delivered open ecosystem platform that is coupled with the AI-powered analytics engine, CrowdStrike Threat Graph®.