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The first continuous identity authentication and identification solution, powered by Presence™

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TruU Presence™ based Login modulated by CrowdStrike Zero Trust Access

With TruU replace hackable passwords with continuously validated identity that adapts to how people work so they can be protected and productive.

TruU-CrowdStrike takes the ZTA score provided by CrowdStrike® at the endpoint and combines that into the TruU risk score using the TruU Risk Engine. The TruU risk score is compared against the score indicated by the policy threshold and if the score is within the bounds the user is logged into the computer with TruU presence alone. If the score is higher than the threshold then another factor is required for access.
    Single unified authentication solution leveraging cloud and mobile, that eliminates passwords throughout the enterprise and supports both digital and physical access.
    POWERED BY PRESENCE: TruU also removes the zero-sum trade off between better security and better user experience. TruU’s Presence™ capability is a ground-breaking innovation which allows individuals to authenticate into workstations, doors and any other sensing asset by simply being close to it while also increasing the security posture of that authentication. Presence works using machine learning over Bluetooth BLE signals to approximate distance from sensing objects in the environment without requiring traditional pairing or other user interaction. TruU delivers on both of the above areas while being designed and engineered to be fully deployed in large enterprise environments. The solution comes with pre-built standards-based integrations to the entire identity technology stack. As such, it supports the full spectrum of authentication across remote onboarding and identity proofing, workstations, apps, servers, VPN, Windows, Mac, privileged access, along with physical access to buildings via any badge reader. TruU can be deployed in a matter of hours and scaled to become the single and most secure authentication layer to all digital and physical workflows.
    Supported by Continuous Identity Validation
    AI and ML BASED CONTINUOUS IDENTITY: TruU is the industry’s first enterprise passwordless authentication solution that introduces an AI-powered continuous risk engine that ingests environmental, behavioral biometrics and user proximity signals in its adaptive decision making and risk scoring. It supersedes approaches in first generation passwordless MFA solutions that simply offer FIDO-based support and mobile biometric push authentication, which remain point-in-time events. As such, TruU has introduced the highest level of continuous identity seen in the market.

    This is a significant improvement to the MFA category as well as the passwordless MFA sub-category that is increasingly being adopted by enterprises.
    Most Complete Passwordless Solution for the Enterprise
    THE MOST COMPLETE ENTERPRISE PASSWORDLESS SOLUTION: TruU extends the industry in end-to-end completeness of its passwordless capability, specifically incorporating areas not often seen in other passwordless MFA solutions. Specifically, TruU unifies physical and digital security via Converged Security, one identity platform that integrates into PACS (physical access control systems) as well as IT infrastructure such as single sign-on (SSO) solutions. This allows the same solution to replace physical badges in addition to passwords and truly transform a workplace. The second major scope enhancement is the coverage of passwordless desktop authentication in addition to applications/VDI/VPN, which many vendors do not support across both Windows and Mac.