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Secure SaaS and web-based applications

Talon Cyber Security secures SaaS and web-based applications with its Secure Enterprise Browser, TalonWork. By integration with CrowdStrike Falcon® Intelligence, you gain a hardened Chromium-based browser that provides deep visibility and control to defend against malware and prevent data loss from unmanaged endpoints. Seamlessly reduce cyber risk and simplify meeting audit and compliance requirements by easily verifying any endpoint’s security posture before granting users access to corporate systems. With an intuitive cloud-based management console, it’s easy for central administrators to configure TalonWork features, set policies, manage browser extensions, audit activities, demonstrate compliance, and detect, investigate, and resolve security incidents.
    Secure Access for Third-Parties
    Give outside users’ convenient access to web-based apps and administrative consoles without introducing security risks or operational friction
    Secure Access for BYOD and Unmanaged Devices
    Allow employees to use their own devices from any location, without compromising security or impairing the user experience
    Seamlessly Onboard New Users
    Overcome corporate consolidation, integration, and spin-out challenges; improve governance and protect data and assets