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Accelerate threat and vulnerability prioritization, response and remediation

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Unify security and IT with ServiceNow + CrowdStrike

The CrowdStrike and ServiceNow integration provides joint customers with streamlined security operations and IT workflows and accelerates identification, prioritization and remediation of threats and vulnerabilities. This enables security teams to quickly respond to threats before they impact the business.
    Automate security incident creation
    Automatically create a security incident within ServiceNow® based on malicious endpoint event activity detected by the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform
    Accelerate investigations
    Accelerates investigations within ServiceNow by bringing back all relevant endpoint event activity captured by CrowdStrike that is associated with each incident
    Threat prioritization and response
    Accelerates threat prioritization and response by leveraging integrated device data from the Falcon platform into your incident response process using the ServiceNow® Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and Identification and Reconciliation Engine (IRE) to surface critical incidents
    Enables faster remediation
    Automated response and orchestration by security teams and IT teams, minimizes downtime and impact from breaches