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Detect and Respond to Advanced Threats

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CrowdStrike and Securonix Bi-Directional Integration Delivers Complete Endpoint Visibility and Analytics

When integrated together, Securonix and CrowdStrike provide continuous breach prevention in a single agent and proactively detect virus, malware, ransomware, and other known and unknown threats. Securonix uses Crowdstrike’s Falcon API to gather real-time intelligence from your endpoints. This provides additional context used to assist threat detection and investigation. User behavior information is also used to enrich behavioral analysis.
    Improved Threat Detection and Response for Advanced Threats
    Leveraging machine learning and behavioral analytics, Securonix is able to provide advanced threat detection with minimal false positives.
    Resource Efficiency
    Customers have minimal operational overhead with Securonix providing a fully managed solution in a secure AWS environment.
    Cost Savings
    Securonix Cloud-native SIEM provides full security monitoring capabilities without the overhead of hosting, configuring, and managing bulky SIEM infrastructure.