SecurityAdvisor Automated Security Awareness

By SecurityAdvisor from KnowBe4

Automated personalized security awareness lessons to employees, based on risk profile

Enable the Human Firewall

SecurityAdvisor (SA) provides just in time, automated lessons to end users when a security incident occurs. This approach helps our customers see over 90% dip in malware detections. We achieve these results by integrating our SaaS platform with your existing security products. When the CrowdStrike Falcon platform discovers an incident, our platform intelligently identifies teachable moments and then delivers relevant, real-time lessons over multiple communication channels like email, slack, and more.
    Bite-Sized Lessons
    SecurityAdvisor provides bite-sized, personalized security awareness lessons to employees based on their unique risk profile.
    Risky User Identifcation
    Our integration with CrowdStrike allows us to identify the top 20% of risky users who account for >90% of incidents.
    Teachable Moment Detection
    We leverage CrowdStrike to identify unique teachable moments for users driving a majority of security incidents.
    Personalized Campaigns
    Once SecurityAdvisor identifies teachable moments, personalized campaigns are automatically launched, targeting these users.