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Reveal(x) 360 + Humio

By ExtraHop

Discover and Secure Unmanaged Devices: IOT, BYOD, ASNs and more

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Secure Your Enterprise across Devices

Reveal(x) 360 can discover and identify any device that communicates on the network, and eliminate blind spots by delivering to Humio a continuously updated inventory of unmanaged devices and systems that are unable to support an agent. This inventory can include Medical IoT, OT, SCADA devices, and autonomous systems (ASNs) and any other asset that communicates across the network. Reveal(x) also delivers real-time network behavior analysis of unsecured devices, correlated with any other data available in CrowdStrike Falcon® or Humio products, for complete visibility into challenging environments. Get a deeper understanding of your environment by seamlessly querying ExtraHop’s unique and granular network analysis data within Humio through intuitive dashboards for IOT & Unmanaged Devices, as well as protocols often abused by advanced attackers for lateral movement (AD, MSRPC, Kerberos, and more), providing continuous real-time monitoring.
    Discover and identify
    Discover and identify all devices on the network, and identify those that are not yet instrumented with the CrowdStrike Falcon® Agent. Catalog and monitor devices that cannot accommodate an agent, and correlate their behavior in Humio.