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Reveal(x) 360 + Falcon Intelligence

By ExtraHop

Threat Intelligence Correlation from Network to Endpoint

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Reveal(x) 360 performs full-stream analysis on network traffic from multi-cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments, and then uses cloud-scale machine learning to detect stealthy advanced attack behaviors across the entire network. The Reveal(x) 360 integration with CrowdStrike Falcon® Intelligence is a free trial app that correlates IPs and domains listed as IOCs in Falcon Intelligence with network behavior data about those IPs and domains, providing rapid investigation of potential attacks in progress.
    Unified Threat Detection
    Share IOCs across EDR and NDR solutions.
    Rapid Investigation
    Correlate Reveal(x) 360 detections with CrowdStrike Falcon® Intelligence threat intelligence for fast, seamless IOC investigation.
    Find & Remediate Swiftly
    Get visibility into network communications between hosts and domains that are known IOCs to rapidly determine scope and nature of threats for quick resolution.