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Perception Point X-Ray

by Perception Point

Preventing any malicious content identified in the endpoint from spreading across the organization

Providing 360-degree threat containment and remediation

Perception Point’s X-Ray seamlessly plugs into CrowdStrike Falcon® to contain and remediate malicious incidents that successfully breach the enterprise and are subsequently detected on the endpoint. Instant and automated, X-Ray scans all channels (email, CRM, cloud storage and more) to identify where else the content was sent and prevent further transmission. Lightning-fast, unlimited in scale, and covering the range of attack techniques, the X-Ray provides a complete channel audit within minutes, while actively remediating and containing the incident.

  • Minimize containment time

    Automated transmission from CrowdStrike Falcon detections to X-Ray enables rapid scan of all channels, dramatically reducing pressure on the SOC team and shortening containment time.

  • Gain full visibility

    X-Ray maps all affected users through an analysis of cloud content exchanges across the organization to provide full visibility on where else the attack may have spread.

  • Prevent reinfection

    Based on hashes from CrowdStrike Falcon, X-Ray modifies the verdict to “malicious” to prevent reinfection across email and collaboration channels.

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