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Quick and effective malware analysis using 20+ AV and 10+ reputation sources.

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Cloud-Based Advanced Threat Prevention and Malware Analysis

OPSWAT MetaDefender Cloud provides real-time hash, IP and domain analysis and reports using advanced threat prevention, detection and binary reputation technologies. This cloud-based cybersecurity threat detection and prevention solution uses 20+ anti-malware engines, easily integrates with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform.
    Easy Decision Making
    Malware analysis for easy decision making for systems administrators. Analysis history and evolution of detection trends in time. Easily integrated into Falcon Intelligence without the need to host your own cloud infrastructure.
    Quick and Simple Multi-Scan of Files
    OPSWAT provides a scalable solution that includes a summary of multiple anti-malware engines working together to track, analyze and report any risks as they appear.
    Security-Tested Expertise
    The integration between CrowdStrike and OPSWAT is security-tested and proven. Two teams of malware experts are ready to guide and troubleshoot any problem.