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Integrated email and endpoint security

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Multi-Layered Threat Protection & Shared Intelligence

Mimecast and CrowdStrike protect organizations at both the Secure Email Gateway and on Endpoint devices. Now joint customers can enhance threat protection through the integration of these industry leading platforms. The integration shares intelligence derived from malware detected at the Mimecast Secure Email Gateway with the CrowdStrike Falcon®platform
    Protect the Organization’s Devices
    Mimecast and CrowdStrike help organizations protect against cyber attacks with an integrated solution that works at the Email and Web gateways as well as on Endpoint devices.
    Enhance Threat Detection
    Through the sharing of intelligence from the Secure Email Gateway to the Endpoint, within minutes of new malware being detected by Mimecast, all CrowdStrike managed devices will be aware of the threat and will prevent the infected file from executing, better protecting the organization and preventing an incident that could take hours, days or even worse to investigate and recover from.
    Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Threats
    As threats are detected by Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection, key threat identifiers are shared with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform. CrowdStrike uses this information in the threat detection process on Endpoint devices, infected files detected on Endpoint devices are prevented from executing, optimizing the protection provided using data from email-borne attacks, with a full process tree of the malware execution steps.