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Seamless OS patching and full disk encryption across your devices, all from a single console.

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OS Patching & Encryption at Your Fingertips

JumpCloud empowers your security operations, IT, and DevOps teams to secure and manage your devices, all from a single platform. By integrating with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform’s Real-Time Response (RTR) commands to deploy the JumpCloud agent, you can easily secure, update, and manage the host's operating system. With group-based patching and policies, you can quickly gain visibility and close security gaps.
    OS Patch Management
  • Improve device security and eliminate vulnerabilities with the latest patch updates with minimal IT effort.
  • Define and automate specific rollout schedules and quickly add/edit/remove schedule entries as needed.
  • Provide visibility on OS and device health to ensure nothing is amiss.
    Full Disk Encryption
  • Seamlessly enable Bitlocker and FileVault 2 encryption through JumpCloud policies.
  • Save time and prevent loss with JumpCloud's automated escrow of the recovery keys once drives are encrypted.
  • Deploy to individual hosts or thousands of managed endpoints through group-based policy management.
    Automated OS Patching
    Keep every device up to date with customizable user notifications and device specific groups, all from one pane of glass.
    Encrypt Crucial Data
    Seamlessly secure devices with full disk encryption across your entire fleet.
    Compliance Ready
    Easily track which devices were updated, encrypted, and any permission changes with out-of-the-box logging and reporting.
    Simplified Deployment
    Deploy the JumpCloud agent quickly to Windows devices through the CrowdStrike Falcon console. Drastically cutting deployment time regardless of location.