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JumpCloud Secure Device Management

by JumpCloud

Seamless OS and browser patching, along with full disk encryption across your devices

OS Patching & Encryption at Your Fingertips

JumpCloud empowers your security operations, IT, and DevOps teams to secure and manage your devices, all from a single platform. By integrating with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform’s Real-Time Response (RTR) commands to deploy the JumpCloud agent, you can easily secure, update, and manage the host's operating system. With group-based patching and policies, you can quickly gain visibility and close security gaps.

  • Automated OS patching Keep every device up to date with customizable user notifications and device specific groups, all from one pane of glass.

  • Automated browser patching Make browser zero day’s a thing of the past with automatic and forced browser patching across Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

  • Encrypt drucial data Seamlessly secure devices with full disk encryption across your entire fleet.

  • Compliance ready Easily track which devices were updated, encrypted, and any permission changes with out-of-the-box logging and reporting.

  • Simplified deployment Deploy the JumpCloud agent quickly to Windows devices through the Falcon console, drastically cutting deployment time regardless of location.

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