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Endpoint Device Control and USB Security

CrowdStrike Falcon® Device Control enables the safe utilization of USB devices across an organization providing extensive visibility and granular control over those devices. It allows admins control over the devices that are used in their environment reducing the risks associated with USB devices. It provides real time and historical visibility into device usage, detailed logging and reporting capabilities through the Falcon management console, for both device usage and also files being written to storage.
    Visibility Across USB Device Usage - Effortlessly
    Gain continuous insight into USB devices across your organization, including those not covered by a policy. CrowdStrike Falcon® Device Control automatically reports device type with manufacturer, product name, and serial number.
    Precise and Granular Policy Enforcement
    CrowdStrike Falcon® Device Control provides the granular visibility and control needed to enable safe device usage, while leveraging the extensibility of the Falcon platform.
    Seamless Integration with CrowdStrike Falcon Endpoint Protection
    As a 100 percent cloud managed and delivered solution, CrowdStrike Falcon® Device Control is enabled via the same lightweight Falcon agent, managed by the same console, and fully integrated with the Falcon platform.