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Cross-reference CrowdStrike® detections with the same files stored in SaaS applications to find and remediate malicious files.

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Stop Data Breaches In SaaS Applications

Enterprises continue to increase their use of SaaS applications across all corporate functions to scale and pivot quickly without large capital investments. The challenge that arises from increased SaaS utilization is that now critical corporate data is outside your security perimeter, and relies upon the security measures of each SaaS application independently. Since employees use these applications to drive business enablement with vendors, partners, and customers, you are tasked with controlling this unmanageable data access, which poses significant risk and increases the likelihood of a data breach. DoControl and CrowdStrike® enable your security and IT teams with complete asset management, continuous monitoring, and no-code automated security workflows configured by you to prevent data breaches in corporate SaaS applications.
    Monitor for Malicious Files
    Extends CrowdStrike Falcon® EDR capabilities and potential threat indicators into your SaaS applications to prevent malicious files from causing data breaches from these applications.
    Find & Remediate
    Alerts security teams of malicious files in SaaS applications based on cross-referencing indicators from CrowdStrike, and triggers workflows to remediate access or delete these files.
    Prevent Malicious Activity
    Prevents adding files with known compromises from being stored or accessed by employees or external collaborators from your SaaS applications to stop further compromise.