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Enhance SaaS Security Assessments for Holistic Zero Trust

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As businesses rely on multiple SaaS applications, ensuring that each is configured properly becomes unmanageable, especially when less-trained staff that sit outside the security department are expected to manage these dispersed applications. Adaptive Shield's SaaS Security Posture Management Suite (SSPM) removes this burden for your team by providing deep visibility and remediation for potential risks caused by misconfigurations.
    The Adaptive Shield platform features proactive, continuous and automated monitoring capabilities and a built-in knowledge base of compliance standards and benchmarks. Its SaaS-delivered solution can be live within minutes, and delivers clear visibility into your whole SaaS ecosystem, sending detailed alerts at the first sign of a security misconfiguration and proactively fixing these for all global settings and user privileges. By correlating CrowdStrike® rich endpoint telemetry and CrowdStrike Falcon® Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA) scoring within the Adaptive Shield’s SaaS security posture technology, your security team will gain unprecedented context and visibility to easily see and manage the risks that stem from SaaS users and their associated devices.
      Enhanced Visibility
      Unify all SaaS applications native security controls into a single view within Adaptive Shield’s platform
      Continuous Monitoring
      Continuously monitor all your SaaS apps to detect any misconfigurations with speed and accuracy
      Timely Notifications
      Send detailed alerts at the first sign of a glitch, proactively notifying security teams in real time when there’s a severe misconfiguration to stop minor incidents from becoming major problems