Acalvio ShadowPlex Ransomware Solution

By Acalvio Technologies

Deception-based rapid detection and containment of Ransomware, including Zero-day variants.

Active Threat Hunting with Autonomous Deception

ShadowPlex uses AI-Driven Advanced Deception Technology to deliver an effective solution to combat even zero-day ransomware. The addition of Deception Technology to CrowdStrike enables precise detection of both known and unknown ransomware. This unique integrated offering enables automated, real-time remediation of advanced zero-day ransomware threats and protects employees and their laptops from ransomware threats even when employees are in a Work-From-Home model. ShadowPlex is anchored on innovations in Distributed Deception, Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and delivers distributed deception from Cloud across the enterprise network.
    ShadowPlex offers a comprehensive deception palette of decoys, breadcrumbs, baits and lures, along with customizable and extensible deception types. Acalvio's AI-driven FluidDeception presents attackers with an environment of deception, completely blended into the organization's actual network and assets.
    ShadowPlex solution is automated using integrated AI in every step. Deception Playbooks technology automatically deploys and manages relevant deceptions over the enterprise network.
    Enterprise Scale
    Deception Farms technology enables distributed deployment of deceptions across network topologies. ShadowPlex scales on multiple dimensions - unlimited number of decoys, coverage of ROBO (remote offices / branch offices), on-premises and cloud networks, decoy types etc.